jQuery and the Slack API

Disclaimer: You should think twice about interacting with the Slack API using client facing JavaScript like jQuery on a public website because your webhook (the special URL that Slack generates for you) will be public. This means that anyone could post anything in your Slack channel without being authenticated. It is possible to interact with the Slack API… Continue reading jQuery and the Slack API

Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress Error

If upon browsing your WordPress blog or website you find a mostly blank page with an error message that says something like "Error Establishing Database Connection" it generally means that your MySQL database credentials changed, or your .htaccess file is corrupt. Start out by verifying your MySQL credentials: Connect to your server via FTP and… Continue reading Error Establishing Database Connection WordPress Error

Welcoming WordPress 3.7 – “Basie”

WordPress 3.7 is out and while it may not look all that different, we're all better off for it. There's an excellent article on Post Status about the update, so I won't go into too much detail but there are some exciting changes in this newest update. Automatic (and seamless) Background Updating WordPress now comes with… Continue reading Welcoming WordPress 3.7 – “Basie”

The Importance of Enqueueing in WordPress

I've been working with WordPress on a strictly theme development basis for about 2 years now. I've edited and created countless CMS's out of various WordPress themes and even authored 4 or so myself. I've always stuck away from plugin development because I generally don't like the concept of plugins. Why the hell would I… Continue reading The Importance of Enqueueing in WordPress

Displaying WordPress Comments Newest to Oldest

By default, WordPress will display comments in an oldest to newest fashion. This is great for comments that are children or in reply to other comments because you would want to go down the conversation chain in chronological order. However if you're running a blog or have a custom testimonials page or something like that… Continue reading Displaying WordPress Comments Newest to Oldest

Google Analytics and WordPress

WordPress is fantastic. It's grown well past it's infancy of a simple blogging software into being capable of acting as a full fledged Content Management System. Google Analytics is equally awesome. It's an excellent way of tracking visitor flow throughout your website, identifying how people are arriving and why they leave and so much more.… Continue reading Google Analytics and WordPress